Sit down to a steam ironing press by Singer, Pfaff, Silver or other leading brand and forget the drudgery of ironing.

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People on the move, families and leisure seekers have no time for drudgery - use a press and give up ironing for life!

  • No more dangerous and twisted flexes
  • No more burns and backache
  • More time for better things than ironing!

You use a washing machine - why iron the hard way?

If you have other questions we will be very pleased to help. Telephone us for details or ask anything you wish about how these presses tackle jobs previously done with an iron.

What about delicate items and special fabrics?

Simple controls let you adjust temperature and steam to suit the fabrics being pressed

If I don't want to steam everything?

Presses may be used dry or with steam. You stay in control. Presses which do not use steam are available on the site.

I haven't got the space to store an ironing press

It takes less space than your old hand iron and ironing board and can be used on any firm surface with an adjacent power socket.

What are the safety features?

They vary between models but automatic switches are used to cut off heat and power if the appliance is forgotten.

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Singer ironing press compact CSP1

A description of each model is in the on line catalogue but if you have not used a modern press the following questions and answers may be helpful.

What is an ironing press?

A labour saving electrical appliance that  gives clothing, bedding and almost any laundered items a professional freshly pressed look.

How does it work?

The garment or other item to be pressed is placed on the press table and the plate lowered onto it by using the small comfortable lever.

How does it save time?

The press plate is up to ten times the size of an old fashioned hand iron and the pressure is usually around 100 lbs. per square inch. That is a lot of smoothing in one easy action.

What are the running costs?

The same or less than a hand iron


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